First ever Camog-athon

Monday 3rd June in Hollymount, details as follows

7 to 8.30 am (Early Birds – open to all)

8.30 to 10.00 am (Senior/Intermedieate/Junior)

10am to 11am (Under 8 with Seniors helping out)

11am to 12 noon (Under 10)

12 noon to 12.30 pm (Under 8 and Under 10 novelty events)

12.30 pm to 1 pm (Under 12 and Under 14 novelty events)

1 pm – 2 pm (Under 12)

2 pm – 3 pm (Under 14)

3 pm – 3.30 pm (Exam students:  puck around only, no contact)

3.30 pm – 4 pm (Under 16 and Under 18)

4 pm – 5 pm (Legends:  time for our past players to remind us how good they were!)

5 pm – 5.15 pm (Crossbar Challenge)

5.30 pm – 7 pm (Surprise events – watch this space)

All players in all grades should have received sponsorship cards at this stage, please contact Alan Aherne, Ciara Donohoe, Kate Kelly, Fionnuala Hearne, Kathleen Dooley or Patricia Fielding if this isn’t the case.  We want to re-iterate a couple of points:  this is intended as a fun day for all the family, and a chance for everyone who has played with the club to be involved in some way, it is also a fundraiser for the Hollymount astro-turf and floodlighting projects, so everyone is encouraged to take a card and do your best to fill in as many lines as you can. 

Just to note that the Annual field day will also take place that afternoon, so there will be alot of other activities to keep young and old alike occupied!  All sponsorship cards are required back no later than Wednesday, 29th May to give the organisers time to collate everything:  the only criteria for participation in the camog-athon is that you return a sponsorship card and money.