Off the booze & on the ball

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Players & Non Players, young and Old,

‘Off the Booze & On the Ball’ challenges you to abstain from alcohol for a month and use the time to take up some fun, healthy activities  that helps you reach your recommended weekly exercise levels in 2013, An added incentive is that participants can seek sponsorship during their month of will-power to go towards their GAA club.
This initiative is being driven by the GAA’s Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) programme, which aims to reduce the harm caused by the misuse of alcohol and other substances.
All clubs that register will be in with a chance of winning a special prize. For 2013, four provincial winners of ‘Off the Booze & On the Ball ‘will get to visit Croke Park to receive their prize of a training session with a high performance coach or a talk from a sports nutritionist from one of the panel of organisers.
The Currin club from Monaghan was the Ulster winners in 2012. Their 15 participants raised a total of €2,057.50 and used it to buy training gear including new footballs, training bids, water bottles, tackle bags and more. In the Kinvara Club, the U16 hurlers took the lead from their seniors who took up the ‘Pint Sized Challenge’ and decided to go ‘Off the Fizz and On the Ball’ by giving up fizzy drinks for the month. Their panel of 19 members alone raised €802.
“Our aim with ‘Off the Booze and On the Ball’ is to enhance the positive health promotion in our club.
1st meeting occurs in Hollymount at 9am on Saturday morning 2-Feb for an hour and from there we can make arrangements for further events especially on weekends
See you there
Should anybody like to make contact for further info I can be contacted at (087 1372023)