Footballers unlucky V Kilanerin

This game was played in Kilanerin on Sat 11th April. It was a well contested game throughout and was excellent preparation for the championship which is only two weeks away.

Kilanerin started well, defending and attacking in numbers. Their fitness levels were very high and their short kick outs and carrying ability were causing a lot of problems. They were on the score board after 2 minutes and by 14 minutes they were 0-4 (0-2 frees) to 0-0. Joe Kelly got the Shels on the board after 16 minutes and Colin Redmond missed two scorable frees before 20 minutes had elapsed. Clive Lawler scored 0-1 from play and then followed with a great long-range free to make it 0-5 to 0-3 after 22 minutes. A good point from play by Kilanerin was answered by Clive Lawler from a free. The Shels were now dominating and deserved to equalise with a good point from Brian Doyle and a free from Derek Walsh just as half time arrived.
In the second half, Kilanerin had the slight wind advantage. An early point from a free by Clive Lawler gave Shels the lead for the first time in this game. Kilanerin replied with a pointed free from John Hegarty before Brian Doyle scored his second point from play. With 10 minutes gone, there was great pace to the game. The Shels were dominating around mid-field and Garret Dunne scored a good point from play. Kilanerin made a change at mid-field and unfortunately Clive Lawler got injured shortly after this and had to leave the field. Conor Walsh was introduced at mid-field and played well immediately. However, over the next ten minutes, Kilanerin gradually got to grips in their half-backs and mid-field. With 10 minutes remaining it was 0-9 to 0-9 but, from there on, Kilanerin’s fitness showed and they gradually pulled clear to win by 0-14 (0-8 frees) to 0-9 (0-4 frees).

The team
1. Padraig McMahon
2. Mark Walsh
3. Colm Tynan
4. Cathal Gaule
5. Ciaran O’Shaughnessy
6. Terry Gainfort
7. James Gordon
8. Clive Lawler 0-4 (0-3 frees)
9. Garret Dunne 0-1 
10. Brian Doyle 0-2
11. Alan Griffith
12. Colin Redmond
13. Derek Walsh 0-1 (free)
14. Barry O’Connor
15. Joe Kelly 0-1

Sub: Conor Walsh (40 minutes) for Clive Lawler (inj)