Senior Football 2nd Round

bosHoreswood 3-7
Shels 0-7
In a low scoring 1st half, the Shels were leading by one point at half time.

Leigh O’Brien set up a lot of chances from centre back with Barry Hearne scoring their first point and Ciaran Deeley scoring two late points just before half time to make the score 0-4 to 0-3. The Shels defence was on top throughout the first half and Colin Redmond missed a chance for a goal after he had done a lot of good work in the lead up.
In the second half Horeswood got on top at mid-field in the first 10 minutes. Two goals during this period put them in a commanding position in this low scoring game. With Ciaran Deeley now controlling the half forward line from centre forward and Lee O’Brien constantly setting up scoring chances, the Shels struggled to make any inroads on the lead.
Those who played well for Shels were Niall Kelly, Brian O’Shaughnessy, Ciaran O’Shaughnessy, and Colin Redmond.
1. David Shiggins
2. Niall Kelly
3. Barry O’Connor
4. Andre O’Brien
5. Brian O’Shaughnessy
6. Ciaran O’Shaughnessy
7. Cathal Gaule
8. Garret Dunne (0-1)
9. Clive Lawler (0-1)
10. Colin Redmond (0-2 frees)
11. Alan Griffith
12. Conor Walsh (0-1)
13. Derek Walsh (0-2, 0-1 free)
14. Conor Byrne
15. Joe Kelly

Darren Malone for Joe Kelly (30 mins)
Padraig McMahon for David Shiggins (45 mins)
David Kenny for Conor Byrne (52 mins)
James Murphy for Niall Kelly (54 mins)