Society Affair

 A very important society party took place recently when a former playing member of our club (the new wife made him retire)  and his twin brother, who has been a great supporter of our club over the years, celebrated their 30th birthday.

 As this reporter gate crashed the celebrations I am not at liberty to divulge their names. One of the twins, who comes from a religious background, had a number of men of the church attending, while the other party boy had his usual number of drinking buddies there. This was a very interesting mix. The BBQ was in full steam and the beer was flowing freely. The seating arrangements were been strictly adhered to as the clergy were at the top table and the rest just sat where they could. The menu which was on offer was top class and the party was in full swing from early in the night. The singing talent that was on view was very varied to say the least as by this time no one, even the men of the cloth, really cared. When this reporter was asked to leave the celebrations at a very late hour, no one was able to tell the difference between the twins varied group of friends. A great night was had by all.