What does my Membership of the club Entitle me too

Officers of the club are often asked this question – the article below explains what your membership and Registration fee covers …

Dear Player, Parent/Guardian,


I wish to advise you that the Shelmalier Ladies Gaelic Football Club’s Membership Fee is now due.  The Membership Year is from 1 June to 31 May.


The Membership Fee is:

Adult Players (Over 18 Years of age)                        €50.00

Underage Players (11 to18 Years of age)                  €30.00

Under 10 Years of age on 1 Jan 2008                       €20.00

Non Playing Members (Without Accident cover)           €30.00

Non Playing Members (With Accident Cover)              €50.00


In order to Train or Play with a club a player has to be a member of the Association and must be registered with the Association.


The Membership Fee covers, membership of the Club, Registration Fee for County Board, Leinster and Central Councils and Accident Fund Fee, all of which are compulsory.

The cost to the club to register a player is €40.00 for an Adult and €30.00 for an Underage player aged 11 to 18 years and €20 for an Under 10 player. You will see that €10.00 of an Adult membership goes to Club Funds whilst the club does not receive any of the Underage Registration fee. 


It is essential that all players and members are registered immediately for their own protection and that of the club’s. This Registration Fee for players also covers membership of the Accident Fund.  This is a compulsory, irrespective of whether a player has her own private insurance protection or not. One visit to the outpatient department of the hospital as a result of an injury sustained playing ladies Gaelic football cost €60.00 which is in excess of the Membership Fee. The cost of the visit is covered by the Accident Fund, if the person is not covered by any other insurance or Medical Card.


The club recommends that any Underage player who is working pay the Adult Rate Membership in order to provide them with cover for loss of wages should they be unfortunate enough to get injured whilst playing ladies Gaelic football and unable to work.


We have often been asked about the one membership fee covering Ladies Gaelic football and camogie as pertains in the GAA for the boys playing football and hurling. The reason that there are two membership fees for the girls is that the Ladies Gaelic Football Association and the Camogie Association are two separate Associations, independently run and organised from one another, and obviously as a result, both Associations requiring a Membership Fee to be paid separately. The National Associations of Ladies Gaelic Football, Camogie and the GAA are currently examining the whole area of membership.


We enclose a booklet on the Accident Fund, which outlines conditions and benefits of the scheme.


Please forward your Membership Fee immediately to your Team Manager or Club Officials, so that it can be processed through the Club, County Board, Leinster and Central Councils in order that protection is provided from 1 June.


Yours in Sport


Committee Shelmalier Ladies Gaelic Football Club