The Craic was Ninety in Hotel Curracloe

the craic was greatThe REAL inside story on the game from our reporter on the spot.

 What a day and night to remember, that's what Sunday15th of October was. After all the hard work was done on the field, the young, the old, the brave and the bold retired to Hotel Curracloe where the real fun and games started. After the formalities were done the fuel began to flow. Lar Kenny was in top gear with guitar, banjo, fiddle all getting the shots. First on the dance floor were the OAP sections but when Lar started to really let her rip the younger brigade took over. Clive replaced Michael, Ciara replaced Marianne, Tommy replaced Annette and the real team started to take shape. The intensity increased and more sweat was visible than in the Park during the match. Mag and John sat back and enjoyed the craic and watched the tills reach breaking point. Then Sean Boylans love child Johnny B entered the fray and gave a scintillating exhibition of dancing (he told me to say that because the students might read this). She was really hummin now. The OAPS re-entered the game and their performance levels had increased greatly from before they were substituted and Shocks knees began to buckle under the strain. Lar needed a rest so the singers took the mike. We had culture from Siobhan, which was a rarity on the night, Michael drove the oul yellow JCB out on the floor before he forget the words of the Stuttering Bum (it s a new song for him he is only singing it for twenty years!!) But then the warm up acts were finished and the Main Man appeared, JACK THE LAD!!.Poor oul Willie Mc Bride didn t know what hit him and Jack got most of the words right for a change. Lar couldn t take any more and was replaced in the goal by DJ Willie. His little computer nearly went on fire the pressure it was under and all the boys responded. They togged out for the second half with a new set of jerseries, skin coloured with the nicks all different colours, it wasn t a pretty sight. John the referee issued a few yellow cards and Adrian got a straight RED! For an off the BALL incident. At this stage any person with any interest in not getting a serious injury left the field and the real heroes took centre stage. Former managers and selectors came in for some especially rough treatment which was noted for the future. The game moved into its final conclusion and the stadium was really rockin. Then DJ Willie blew the final whistle and the scoreboard showed the Shels were a Senior Football team. What a GAME, roll on the Replay!!