Good win for Intermediate footballers.

The Shels began with wind advantage and put it to good use with some good kick-outs and early scores from Graham Power and Ibar Murphy.

Date:    June 2nd 2007                       Venue:   Hollymount                              Opponents: Duffry Rovers
Competition:     Premier A Football League                                 
Full time score: (Shels)     1-8          (Opp.)  0-5

The match was played on a damp breezy evening. The Shels began with wind advantage and put it to good use with some good kick-outs and early scores from Graham Power and Ibar Murphy. There were also some good long range balls to the full forward line which led to further scores from Aidan Murphy and Terry Gainfort. Neither side held mid-field dominance and weather conditions led to a lot of dropped balls. But Shels won most of the breaks which kept pressure on Duffry Rovers as did the tenacious play of the Shels half back line of Seammie Harding, David Walsh and Denis Kelly.

Half Time Score: Shels     0-5        Opponents:   0-2       Shels scorers in first half: Terry Gainfort 0-2 (0-1 free), Graham Power 0-1, Ibar Murphy 0-1, Aidan Murphy 0-1

In the second half Duffry Rovers mounted some great attacks and took over for the first ten minutes. Our kick-outs were not as long against the wind and these created problems for our half backs and mid-field. Duffry showed their senior experience and punished the Shels with 0-3 points in the first 15 minutes (0-1 free). But when Duffry Rovers center forward got sent off for a second offence the Duffry forwards retreated to try to defend. This helped Shels who mounted some good attacks and supplied Terry Gainfort and Aidan Murphy who found Cormac Smith in good space to finish the game with 1-1.

Full time Score: Shels 1-8                  Opponents:  0-5            
Shels scorers in second half: T.Gainfort 0-2 (frees), Cormac Smith 1-1

Shelmaliers Vs.   Duffry Rovers                     Competition: Premier A Football League

Team Line out.

                                                  1.Colm Parker

2.   Brian O’Shaughnessy        3.   Barry O’Connor     4 Vinnie Parker                      

5. Seammie Harding              6. David Walsh    7 Denis Kelly                                      

         8.Ibar Murphy              9. Graham Power

    10. Chris Gordon             11. Stephen Banville   12 Alan Griffith                                    

   13 Terry Gainfort     14 Aidan Murphy     15 Cormac Smith                                    
Replacements: Niall Kelly for B.O’Shaughnessy (25 minutes, injury) and Darren Malone for G. Power (55 minutes)


Subs not used:     Thomas Moore, Cathal Gaule, Colm Tynan, Conor O’Shaughnessy and Stephen Cash