Good defending hold out the Annes.

Great second half defencive display help in victory over St. Annes.

Date: Tue June 5th  Venue: Rathangan    Opponents: St. Annes (2nd team)
Competition:    Division 1A Football
Full time score: (Shels) 2-7(0-1 free)              (Opp.)0-10 (0-1 free) 
The Shelmaliers played with the wind and got off to a very fast start. While neither team dominated mid-field, Michael Kelly created a lot of problems at center forward and scored 1-1 from play. Brian O’Connor was also very dominant at corner forward and scored 1-2 from play. In the backs Denis Kelly and Michael Kingston controlled the half back line and limited
St. Annes attacks. The half time score was Shelmaliers 2-6 St. Annes 0-4, with the Shels scores coming from B.O’Connor 1-2, M.Kelly 1-1, C. Redmond (0-2, 0-1 free) and S. Cash 0-1.

The second half was a totally different game. St. Annes made some good substitutions and used the wind advantage. They put the Shels under tremendous pressure scoring 0-6 while the Shels only scored 0-1 from Tom O’Shea. With Darren Malone gone off injured, the Shels were outclassed at midfield but with great defending by Colm Parker (goal), Niall Kelly, Colm Tynan, Conor O’Shaughnessy and Niall Cullen, ensured that there were no goals scored and the Shels held out for a great victory. The final score was Shelmaliers 2-7 St. Annes 0-10, with Tom O Shea the lone Shels scorer in this half.

Shelmaliers Vs.St.Annes.                        Competition:

Team Line out.

                                                  1Colm Parker

      2 Niall Kelly 3 Colm Tynan 4 Conor O’Shaughnessy

     5Michael Kingston  6 Denis Kelly 7Niall Cullen

                 8Colin Redmond 9 Darren Malone

    10Chris Gordon 11Michael Kelly 12 Stephen Cash

   13Gary Bridges 14Tom O’Shea 15Brian O’Connor

Seamus Harding for Darren Malone (20 mins – inj)
Tommy Moore (1/2 time) for C. Parker
Adrian Veale (40 minutes) for T.O’Shea
Cathal O’Shaughnessy (45 mins) for G. Bridges
Cian O’Leary (50 mins) for Ml Kingston