2006 Camogie Round-up

St.Ibars/Shelmaliers held their annual general meeting on 20th January 2006 in Furlongs Lounge Curracloe.
St.Ibars/Shelmaliers held their annual general meeting on 20th January 2006 in Furlongs Lounge Curracloe.  The following were the new incoming officers of the club for the year 2006:

President:        Eileen Lawlor, Peggie & Sean Kelly
Vice-President:    Tommy Gordon
Chairperson:        Peggie Kelly
Vice Chairperson:    Marie Wall
Secretary         Janice Gordon
Vice Secretary     Trisha Potter
Treasurer        Mairead Potter
Vice-Treasurer    Barry Hearne
PRO            Kathleen Dooley
Assistant PRO        Aine Donohoe
Regristrar        Angie Kinsella

Team management
Senior/Junior         Tommy Gordon
u.18            Kate Kelly
u.16            Barry Hearne
u.14            Barry Hearne
u.12            Kathleen Dooley
u.10            Bridget Curran
u.8            Janice Gordon

Committee:        Fionnuala Hearne, Emma Carroll, Sean Kelly

There was numerous issues discussed and debated with a few notable changes made within the club – it was decided that a new position be created to deal with membership and registration of players within the club.  This position was filled by Angie Kinsella.  It was also decided that those that had not paid membership by the 31st May 2006 could not take part in any games until their membership was paid.  The development of Hollymount was also on the agenda with the camogie club contribution discussed.  The club colours were also discussed and it was decided that a committee be formed to discuss the clubs colours and whether we should amalgate with the Shelmalier to create one colour within the Shelmalier club.

On the financial side the club received team sponsorship from County Wexford Fireplaces and Furlongs Bar with the main fundraising events the model county draw and the clubs annual Christmas Raffle which left the funds in a healthy position for the year 2006.


Training started in March with the first game of the season played on April 8th the first game saw St.Ibars playing against Oulart/The Ballagh which unfortunately were unlucky to be defeated on a scoreline of 3-0 to 0-0. The match was played in wet conditions on an evening that saw St Ibars defeated. The game started well for the local girls with a goal after five minutes by Abbeygale Holdan. It was a well taken goal but that was unfortunately to be the only score for St Ibars. The team played well and fought solidly through out the game. As it was there first outing it was a good start to the campaign and St Ibars showed they have some promising stars for the future. Rachal Wall took charge between the posts and then moved out field there she proved effective. The defence of Katie Leacy, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Donlon was solid and fought well to clear their  lines. The mid field of Roisin Tobin, Dervala Potter and Abbeygale Holdan showed their skill and heart through out the game and all played very well. Up front the forwards hurled solidly and were very unlucky not to have had a few more scores. Some good striking by Robin Furlong, Zoey O’Leary and Shannon Curran caused a few problems for the Oulairt defence. The introduction of Aisling Jones, Shauna Kelly and Siobhan Donlon in the first half, assisted St Ibars as they tried to break down a strong Oulairt defence. Oulairt got a few lucky scores early in the second half and from then on it was always an up hill struggle for St Ibars, who continued to hurl with great heart and team spirit. Megan Murphy, Claire Summers, Jennifer Murphy, Larah Campbell and Roisin Donlon all played very well when introduced and St Ibars can look ahead to some fruitful years with all these young players demonstrating excellent skill and determination.

St Ibar’s U10 camogie team had an impressive win on Wednesday 12th April when they took on Blackwater in the second round of the league. The game was played in Hollymount and the local girls ran up an impressive scoring tally of eight goals against their opponents. Anxious to get some points after last week’s defeat, the girls got off to an early scoring start with an excellent taken goal by Shannon Curran. An impressive forward, Shannon aided St Ibar’s in creating other scoring chances. Robyn Furlong added another goal to the score sheet and caused trouble for the defence throughout. The third goal for the local’s was scored by Dearbhla Potter who throughout the league is proving to be a very strong force and a very skilful player. Shauna Kelly and Claire Summers were introduced and both played an excellent game. Aideen Fitzgerald added to the score line for St Ibars with a well taken goal. Aideen was on the mark shortly after with another goal and played an excellent game.  St Ibar’s then introduced Leanne Corrigan, Katie Leacy and Katie Quaid. These all continued to put the pressure on Blackwater and at this stage the local girls were well on top and putting increased pressure on the Blackwater defence. Chloe Mahon kept a clean sheet in the goal and was aided well by Aideen Fitzgerald, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Dolan who repeatedly cleared their lines.  The midfield of Meave Doyle. Dearbhla Potter and Rosin Tobin hurled very well throughout and showed their skill and determination throughout. Up front Shannon Curran, Robyn Furling and Abbey gale Holden were in fine scoring form. Zoey O’Leary was introduced and St Ibars continued to pile on the pressure. This resulted in three more excellent goals for St Ibars, all scored by Hazel O’Leary. All the players played very well and this was an all round very good team performance.

On Wednesday 19th April St.Ibars took on Monageer/Boolavogue in a very competitive and toughly fought game winning on a scoreline of 2-0 to 3-0. . This was by far the best performance from the St Ibar’s girls to date. Both teams very well matched and served up an enthralling game for the large number of supporters who travelled to the game.
After one minute of player, goalie Chloe Mahon brought off a great saved and was cleared by Hazel O’Leary. After some great attacking by St Ibars, Aideen Fitzgerald continued on her scoring form and netted a well taken goal. The St Ibars defence was under strong pressure for long spells, but the back line of Katie Leacy, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Doolan continued to clear their lines. The mid field of Maeve Doyle, Dearbhla Potter and Roisin Tobin continued to assist their backline and start many attacks for the Ibars. Maeve Doyle was unlucky not to goal after ten minutes when a well taken strike went wide. The next passage of play yielded the girls a goal. Rachal Wall sent a lovely pass over to the in coming Aideen Fitzgerald, who made no mistake in sending the ball to the back of the net. The forwards continued to push forward and were unlucky not to have scored more as half time approach. Shannon Curran, Aideen Fitzgerald and Rachal Wall were causing problems for the Monageer defence. The last play of the first half produced some great defensive play from the Ibars backs who combined well to keep the score 2 – 0 in favour of the Ibars at half time. The second half started with some great attacking play by Monageer who scored a good goal. St Ibar’s continued to play well and the introduction of Abbeygale Holdal aided their cause. Maeve Doyle continued to dominate the mid field area and was supported well by Roisin Tobin, who was unlucky not to score after fifteen minutes. Gemma Fox was introduced and she played very well. St Ibars defence was under great pressure and Chloe Mahon brought off two great saves in succession. Late into injury time Monageer scored a goal leaving the teams level at two goals each. The last puck of the game saw a lovely pass from Roisin Tobin to Rachal Wall and onto Dearbhla Potter, who sent an unstoppable shot to the back of the Monageer net.

Next up was Shamrocks on the 26th April in Hollymount at 6.30pm which they succeed in winning on a scoreline of 7-1 to 1-0. They were anxious to make this three victories in a row and got off to a great start with a goal from Aideen Fitzgerald after just 3 minutes, following a lovely pass from Rachel Wall. Shannon Curran and Gemma Fox were unlucky not to have scored shortly afterwards. The second goal came for St Ibar’s following a pass from Shannon Curran to Rachel Wall, who blasted to the net. The defence of Katie Leacy, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Doolan was strong and cleared their lines repeatedly. Katie Quaid made some great saves on her debut in the goal. The mid field of Maeve Doyle, Aideen Fitzgerald and Rosin Tobin took control at mid field and were sending great ball into the forwards. This resulted in a pass from Roisin Tobin to Shannon Curran who scored another goal for St Ibars. And just before the half time whistle Aideen Fitzgerald scored again. The second half saw St Ibars continue to take control and scored again after one minute with a well taken goal by Shauna Kelly. Maeve Doyle scored two great goals from the mid field leaving St Ibars with 7 goals. The Shamrocks scored a goal late in the match but the local girls were always on top and all the subs introduced played very well.

Wednesday 12th May saw St.Ibars travelling to Rathnure unfortunately were defeated by 1-0 to 0-0. The game started with a great save by Dearbhla Potter, for St Ibars, in goal. The backline of Katie Leacy, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Doolan fought hard in the first half to keep a clean sheet for the Ibars up to half time. The game was the toughest one to date for the U10s and Rathnure mid field were causing problems for St Ibars. The mid field of Shannon Curran, Roisin Tobin and Maeve Doyle played well throughout and met with tough opposition. Shannon Curran excelled in mid field throughout and was without doubt player of the match. The forwards of Gemma Fox, Rachal Wall and Aideen Fitzgerald tired hard but were unfortunate not to score. At half time is was scoreless and the second half started with another great save from Dearbhla Potter. The introduction of Shauna Kelly and Chloe Mahon aided the forwards and as hard as they tired, they were unable to break down the Rathnure defence. Rathnure scored a goal late in the game and Hazel O’Leary’s last minute shot hit the upright. The game ended with a defeat for the Ibars (Rathnure 1-0, St Ibars 0-0). Well done to all the members of the panel (Abbeygale Holden, Zoey O’Leary, Emma Hore-Meagher, Leanne Corrigan and Rosin Doolan).

St.Ibars then played Cloughbawn. Dearbhla Potter commanded the goal and was well supported by the full back line of Katie Leacy, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Doolan. The mid field of Shannon Curran, Maeve Doyle and Roisin Tobin tried hard. The forward line of Gemma Fox, Aideen Fitzgerald and Rachal Wall were unlucky not to score. The introduction of Abbeygale Holden, Shauna Kelly and Chloe Mahon aided St Ibars. However, Cloughbawn took some good scores and notched up 5-1 to one goal for the local girls.

The u10 squad travelled to Oylegate next to take on Oylegate/Glenbrien. St Ibar’s had a poor start and Olyegate scored 2 goals before the local girls settled into the game. A lovely placed puck out by goalie Gemma Fox found its way to Roisin Tobin, who scored a fantastic point from mid field. This seemed to rally the girls as shortly afterwards Rachal Wall found the back of the Olyegate net, in what was a very well taken score. St Ibar’s defence held strong and denied Olyegate further scores. Hazel O’Leary, playing at full back, sent a shot from mid field to the Olyegate net. St Ibars continued to play well and were put under pressure by a very determined Olyegate team. However, soon afterwards Rachal Wall scored her second goal. Geraldine Doolan then found the back of the Olyegate net leaving the final score Olyegate 2-0 St Ibars 4-1. The St Ibar’s goal was commanded well by Gemma Fox and the back line of Katie Leacy, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Doolan played very well and cleared their lines throughout the game. The mid field of Maeve Doyle, Roisin Tobin and Shannon Curran tired hard and all had great games. The forward line of Aideen Fitzgerald, Dearbhla Potter and Rachal Wall proved to be too much for the Olyegate defence. This was a great team performance by St Ibars but without doubt, the player of the match was, Geraldine Doolan. Geraldine moved to mid field in the second half and took control of the area sending endless supply of ball into the forwards and chasing back to assist the back line. This was a very exciting game and one that was enjoyed by all the supporters who travelled to the match.

In their final match of the competitions league games the girls played the Rapparees in Hollymount. Some great passages of play were displayed and the skill of the local girls won out. Roisin Tobin was in scoring form with a tally of 3-1 and Aideen Fitzgerald added another goal. All the players played their part in a great win. The final score was St Ibars 4-1 Rapparees 2-0.

On the above results St.Ibars had calculated that they would qualify for the semi-finals based on the matches they had won, however due to a discrepancy regarding the match between St.Ibars and Shamrocks, St.Ibars had not been awarded the points by the county board as they had not noted the results.  As a result of this, St.Ibars had to content a play-off against Monageer/Boolavogue. The match was played in Cloughbawn, against Monageer. The U10 team improved significantly as they progressed through the league and some great talent has been displayed by the girls on the way. The U10 panel on the day consisted of Abbeygale Holdan, Katie Lacey, Hazel O’Leary, Shannon Curran, Maeve Doyle, Geraldine Doolan, Roisin Tobin, Rachel Wall, Dervla Potter, Aideen Fitzgerald, Chloe Mahon, Zoey O’Leary, Katie Quaid, Shauna Kelly and Rebecca Hayes. St Ibars opened the scoring with a well taken point by Dervla Potter. Monageer then added two goals before half time. The second half saw Glynn add another goal and then the St Ibar’s pairing of Chloe Mahon and Aideen Fitzgerald combined to find the net after some great pressure by St Ibars. Try as they might St Ibars were unable to reduce the deficit and were unlucky with some shots narrowly missing the target. The final score was Monageer 3-0 St Ibars 1-1. This defeat ended St Ibars league camping but well done to all who showed great heart and never gave up.
The girls also competed in an u10 tournament held by Glynn-Barntown on a Monday evening the 31st July, the girls played three games in total losing one, winning one and getting a draw in the other. 
The u.10 team had a busy season and although no silverware was brought back to the club the girls were successful in the majority of their games.


The u12 season started in April when the St.Ibars took on Gorey in Hollymount, losing 2-0 to 5-0.
The U12 team played away to Buffers Alley on Wednesday 3rd May. The game saw great spirit and determination from the girls who had to play with only 14 players. They were first to score with an excellent goal from Aine Leacy. This was soon followed by another well taken goal by Siobhan Cloake, who was in great scoring form and scored another goal shortly afterwards from midfield. Rachal Wall increased the lead for the St Ibars with another goal. Buffers Alley replied with a goal but Aine Leacy cancelled this out with another goal for St Ibars. The final score was St Ibars 5 goals, Buffers Alley 1 goal. The girls had a great game and Katie Leacy led by example in the goal. The backline of Shannon Curran, Dearbhla Potter and Geraldine Doolan were solid throughout. The half back line of Hannagh Duggan, Maeve Doyle and Ciara Corrigan repeatedly cleared their lines and the mid field pairing of Siobhan Cloake and Ciara Neville were in top form. The half forward line of Chloe Mahon, Aine Leacy and Roisin Tobin caused constant pressure for the Buffers Alley defence. Up front Rachal Wall and Niamh Doyle played an excellent game and were in great scoring form. Well done to all and thanks to all the supporters who travelled to the match.

The U12 camogie league continued on Monday 15th May with an away game to St Martins. St Martins started with a goal straight away and from then on St Ibars were always chasing the game. St Martins went three goals up before half time. Katie Quaid had a good game in goal. Shannon Curran, Hazel O’Leary and Geraldine Doolan played well in defence and were under constant pressure from the St Martins forward line. The half back line of Ciara Corrigan, Hannagh Duggan and Maeve Doyle tried hard to break down the attacking force of St Martins. Siobhan Cloake and Ciara Neville had a good game in mid field and were players of the match. Siobhan had some good shots on target and was unlucky not to have scored. In the second half St Martins scored two more goals but St Ibars then off to the mark. Hazel O’Leary scored the first goal for St Ibars and this was soon followed without another well taken goal by Aideen Fitzgearld and Ciara Corrigan, who combined to finish the ball to the net. The half forward line of Aideen Fitzgerald, Aine Leacy and Roisin Tobin never gave up. The full forward line of Abbeygale Holdon, Dearbhla Potter and Shannon-Hore Meagher were unlucky to have not had more scores on the board. Rosin Tobin took up goal for St Ibars and made some good saves. Rachal Wall, Gemma Fox, Chloe Mahon and Rachal Sweeeney all had good games when introduced. The final score was St Martins 5-0 St Ibars 2-0. This defeat for the U12s puts them under pressure to win their remaining games in order to qualify for the semi-finals.
The Rapparees was the next club they met in the league. The Rapparees got of to a great start with a point and a goal within the first few minutes of the game. Dearbhla Potter commanded the goal and the full back line of Laura Reck, Maeve Doyle and Geraldine Doolan fought hard to keep the Rap’s forwards at bay. The half back line of Roisin Tobin, Aine Leacy and Hazel O’Leary had tough competition and never gave up. The Rapparees added another goal to their tally and the local girls tired hard but were unable to break down the defence of a stronger Raps team. Siobhan Cloake and Hannagh Duggan played well in mid field and sent a good supply of ball into the forwards. The half forward line of Ciara Neville, Niamh Doyle and Ciara Corrigan tired hard to overcome the strong defence, as did the full forward line of Shannon Curran, Aideen Fitzgerald and Shannon Hore-Meagher. St Ibars hurled well at times and were unlucky with some good saves produced by the Raps goalie. The introduction of Chloe Mahon and Rachal Wall helped but the Raps continued to add to their score line. St Ibars continued to apply the pressure and were rewarded with a lovely pass from Rachal Wall to Aine Leacy which resulted in a goal for them. This was followed with a great point from Siobhan Cloake on the full time whistle. The final score was Rapparees 4-1 St Ibars 1-1.
Next up was Taghmon. The local girls tried hard but were beaten by a much stronger team on the night. St Ibars team of Abbeygale Holdon, Shannon Curran, Hannagh Duggan, Maeve Doyle, Ciara Corrigan, Dearbhla Potter, Geraldine Doolan, Siobhan Cloake, Niamh Doyle, Ciara Neville, Aine Leacy, Roisin Tobin, Rachal Wall, Aideen Fitzgerald, Gemma Fox, Sinead Moore, Chloe Mahon and Robin Furlong all played well. Siobhan Cloake had an excellent game in mid field sending in some good ball and was unlucky not to have scored.
Following that game, Duffry Rovers were next up. The Duffry started well and scored two goals which put the local girls under pressure for the remainder of the match. The wet conditions didn’t help either side but both teams battled on. The girls tried hard and there was some great passing moves displayed. Although the girls were beaten they showed great promise for the future and some real talent for the future.
The U12 team were away to St James in their second last game of the season. This was a very tightly contested match and the girls were unlucky to be beaten by the narrowest of margins. Despite some very close calls, St Ibars were unable to find the winning score in the last moments. The girls never gave up and were encourage all the way by the supporters who travelled to the match. Aine Leacy and Siobhan Cloak scored a point each but St James ran out the winners on a score line of St Ibars 0-2 St James 1-0.
The U12 camogie team took on Glynn/Barntown in their last league game in Hollymount on Friday 7th July. After a poor start to the league, St Ibars had some good late victories and girls were determined to end the league on a winning note. Unfortunately they were beaten by a stronger Glynn team. Glynn opened with a point and Áine Lacey added a goal to open the scoring for St Ibars. Glynn increased their tally with 2-2 before Áine Lacey added another goal for St Ibars. The second half started with a Glynn goal and Siobhan Cloake then added a point. Glynn scored 2-1 before St Ibars ended the match with a late point. The St Ibars panel on the night was Abbeygale Holdan, Zoey O’Leary, Hazel O’Leary, Maeve Doyle, Shannon Curran, Niamh Doyle, Sinead Moore, Siobhan Cloake, Roisin Tobin, Aideen Fitzgerald, Dearvla Potter, Ciara Neville, Rachel Wall, Chloe Mahon, Katie Lacey and Kate Quaid. The final score was St Ibars 5-1 Glynn/Barntown 2-5.
Unfortunately they did not qualify for the semi finals but well done to all the girls on the panel on a well fought league campaign. The league showed some great promising stars for the club for the future.




On Monday 31st July the St.Ibars girls contested their first and only game in the u.18 championship.  The girls were drawn against Oulart the Ballagh for the second year in a row and despite a brave display were yet again beaten by a strong opposition.  St.Ibars:  Caroline Curran, Ciara Donohoe, Lisa Murphy,



In the senior league, St.Ibars played in seven games.  The first round of the senior league paired the St Ibars/Shelmalier Camogie team against Blackwater. This is Backwater’s first year in the senior championship and the local parish’s clash was bound to create some rivalry!. The game was played in windy conditions and on a very cold day. Blackwater opened the scoring with a point before Kate Kelly pointed from a free for the St Ibars. Michelle Murphy scored a goal in the 25th minutes for St Ibars and this was followed by a goal from Deirdre MacMahon. Blackwater scored another point before Kate Kelly scored a point from a free on the 30th minute. St Ibars started the second half on a scoring note with a well worked point from play, after one minute, by Bridget Curran. Michelle Murphy followed up with a goal and Katy O’Brien scored a goal from a free for Blackwater. In the 35th minutes Mag Kelly passed in the ball to Michelle Murphy who netted another goal. Blackwater scored a goal immediately afterwards. St Ibars were in scoring form and Kate Kelly netted from play. Bridget Curran scored another point from play in the 38th minute. Deirdre MacMahon followed up with a goal from play and Kate Kelly added two points. Blackwater scored a point before Shelly Doyle added a point and Kate Kelly added another in the closing minutes. Michelle Murphy pointed again and the last score of the game was a goal by Shelly Doyle following a superb line ball from Mag Kelly. The match ended 7 – 9 to St Ibars and 2 -3 to Blackwater. This got the senior league off to a good start for St Ibars and was a good team performance. The defence played well throughout and the forwards were on scoring form.

In the final league game in June St.Ibars faced Oulart/the Ballagh away in a must win game in order to secure a place in the league final.  The girls showed true Ibars form and won by the narrowest of margin after a late goal was conceded.  The final was against Oulart/The Ballagh and this was played late in the season.  

League Panel:    Jenna Murphy, Edwina Roche, Emma Carroll, Catherine Doyle, Nikki Scallan, Kate Kelly, Janice Carr, Bridget Curran, Leona Tector, Deirdre Fox, Mag Kelly, Michelle Doyle, Deirdre MacMahon, Michelle Hearne, Michelle Murphy, Sharon Carr, Anne-Marie Kelly, Kathleen Dooley, Ciara O’Brien, Meave Quill, Ciara Donohoe 

In the championship the St.Ibars team never reached their full potential losing two and winning two games, bowing out in the semi-final after a disappointing defeat to Oulart/The Ballagh in Cloughbawn on Wednesday 23rd August 2006.
Championship team: Jenna Murphy, Edwina Roche, Catherine Doyle, Sharon Carr, Nikki Scallan, Kate Kelly, Janice Carr, Bridget Curran, Leona Tector, Deirdre Fox, Mag Kelly, Michelle Doyle, Deirdre MacMahon, Michelle Hearne, Michelle Murphy, Kathleen Dooley, Ciara O’Brien, Meave Quill, Mag Dorothy, Ciara Donohoe.

Skills winner

St.Ibars were also well represented on the County teams
U18         Aine Barron, Deirdre MacMahon; Kim Maloney
Senior        Kate and Mag Kelly, Emma Carroll, Bridget Curran and Michelle Hearne
Leinster Geal Linn       
County Senior Selector     Peggie Kelly
County U16 Manager         Enda O’Sullivan