Senior Hurling League vs Rapps

The Shelmaliers played without there county players and failed to overcome Rapps.
Venue: Enniscorthy 
Opponents: Rapperies

Full time score:  Shelmalierss 1-5    Rappereers  1-18
The Shelmaliers played without there county players at the start of the match and was assisted with the aid of a strong wind in the first half. However, they found it hard to break down a very strong Rappereers defence, in  which Declan Ruth was outstanding. The Shelmaliers trailed by 0-4 to 0-7 at half time with their scorer coming from
Chris McGrath 0-2, David Cloney 0-1, and Fergie Parker 0-1.
The wind was stronger in the second half and after bringing on Stephen Banville the  Shels were able to add goal  to their half time total from Tommie Barron. This was as good as it got for Shelmaliers and  Rappereers pulled away slowly. With John Kelly’s sending off for 2nd bookable offence in the 13th  minute the game was as good as over. Rappereers scored a further 1-11 in the 2nd half to Shelmaliers tally of  1-1, with the Shelmaliers scores coming from Tommie Barron (1-0) and Fergie Parker (0-1). The best performers on the day came from David Cloney, Dec Murphy and Mick Kelly


1 Declan Murphy 2. J. Kelly 3. B Malone 4. V. Parker 5. E O Leary 6. F. Parker 7. M.Kelly 8. D Cloney 9. D.Kelly 10 G.Power 11. C. Kehoe 12. S.Harding 13 C.McGrath 14. D.Kehoe 15. Ibar.Murphy

Subs: S.Banville Clive Lawler A. Murphy G.Power Chris Wall