Easy victory over Vols.

Shelmaliers out-classed their opponents in most positions.

Date:   10/3/07                         Venue: Hollymount                                 Opponents: Volunteers
Competition: Premier A league. 1st round                                     
Full time score: (Shels) 0-12               (Opp.)  1-1

First Half Report: A very easy win for Shelmaliers. They out-classed their opponents in most positions. Playing into the wind in the first half, they dominated the game with five of the six forwards scoring.
The Vols upped their game in the second half but now, playing into the wind, they had a lot of work to do. They started to win a lot of ball around mid-field but found it very difficult to score against a solid defense. A late goal by the Vols put some respectability on the score.

Good Performances from: M.Tobin (0-3), T.Gainfort (0-3 frees), Derek Walsh (0-2), G. Power (0-2), C. Smith (0-1), David Walsh (0-1)

Shelmaliers Vs.    Vols                    Competition: Prem. A league

Team Line out.

                                                  1P. Mc Mahon

      2   B. O’Shaughnessy  3 Mark walsh    4 C. Gaule

     5 T. Barron  6 David Walsh   7Vinnie Parker

                 8 David Kehoe      9 E. O’Leary

    10  C. Smith 11 T. Gainfort       12 Darren Malone

   13 M.Tobin 14  G. Power             15 Derek Walsh

Replacements:C. Gordon for D.Malone (20 mins)
C. Redmond for M. Tobin (1/2 time)