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St. Ibars Camogie History


1960 - 2005

St Ibar's/Shelmalier Camogie Club was formed in 1960 and caters for players in the Curracloe, Screen and Castlebridge area.  The name St Ibar originated from the patron saint of the parish containing a monastery on Begerin Island, Johnstown, Castlebridge in medieval times.

Earlier records show that camogie was played in the year 1912, the same year that the Wexford County Camogie committee was formed.  Unfortunately little is known of the ladies endeavours.  Jem Fogarty attempted to revive the club in 1939 however the club disbandoned before they registered with the county board.    

St Ibar's reached their first county final in 1963 having defeated St Patrick’s Kilrush, they went on to meet Oylgate/Glenbrien in the Junior decider loosing on a scoreline 1-3 to 1-0.  In 1964, St Ibar's made amends by defeating St Mary's, Carraig-on-Bannow 9-1 to 0-0 to claim their first championship success.  By virtue of this Junior victory, the team were allowed to take part in the Senior championship and defeated St John's, Wexford in the final 2-2 to 2-1 to make it a championship double.  The club had the honour of representing Wexford in the club championship only to loose to Dublin in the Leinster final.  St Ibar's completed the year with a clean sweep by winning the Sinnott league and Corry cup.

St Ibar's continued there winning ways by making it four in a row, retaining their Senior title in 1965,  ‘66 and ’67 by accounting for old rivals St John's, Wexford in all three finals. St.Ibars also won the Corry Cup in ’96, and the Junior in ’65, while they were defeated in the Junior championship final in ’97.

The following year St Ibar's relinquished their Senior title at the semi final stage to St Patrick's, Campile.  The same year was a memorable one for Wexford winning their first ever All Ireland Senior title with the club represented by Mary Walsh, who captained the team, Teresa Sheil, Phyllis Kehoe, Mary Doyle, Eileen Lawlor and Peggy Doyle defeating Cork 4-2 to 2-5 in the final. In 1969 St Ibar's contested the Senior championship final and were defeated by the defending champions Adamstown. Wexford Senior team retained the All Ireland title with Teresa Sheil, Mary Walsh, Mary Doyle and Peggy Doyle representing the club on the team.

Disappointing years were to come for St Ibar's but the tables were turned, as they were finalists in the Junior championship in 1977 loosing to a late goal to Glen Tara, Gorey.  The following year St Ibar's won their first championship in 11 years by defeating Buffers Alley in the Junior decider.  St Ibar's were also victorious in 1979 by defeating Rathnure in the Intermediate final to advance to the Senior grade.

St Ibar's made their first appearance in the U-14 and U-16 league and championship in 1980 with the U-14 team winning the clubs first under age title by defeating Ballindaggin 2-3 to 1-0 in the Slaney
Festival final to represent Wexford at the National Feile Na nGeal finals held in Galway.  They also won the U-14 league title by defeating Rathnure in the final.

St Ibar's success at under age level continued during the 80's winning numerous County titles, U-12 Championship '87, Primary Schools '82, U-14 Championship '83 and '85, U-14 League '81, '83 and '84, Slaney Festival '81, '84 and '85, U-16 Championship '82, '85 and '86, U-16 League '85 and '86, Community Games '82, '84, '85, '86, '87, '88 and '89, with the Junior team winning the Championship in '86, the League '81 and '86 and with the Seniors capturing the Special Championship title in '81 and '83.

St Ibar's have also competed at national level.  Twice runners-up in National Feile Na nGael in 1990 to Granard/Ballingarry, Limerick and to Pearse's, Galway in the '94 Division One final.  By virtue of the Community Games competition winning three Leinster titles '89, '92 and '93 and at the Mosney finals silver medals '89 and '92 and bronze medals in '93.  Also at the Feile Na nGael finals St Ibar's have won the Best Dressed team award on two occasions '81 and '84, Best Banner award in '94 and Best Dressed team at Slaney Festival finals '81 and '87.  Also at Feile Na nGael St Ibar's represented the County on six occasions in the skills competition with Deirdre Hearne in '82 and again in '84 where she finished runner-up, Janice Gordon in '86 where she finished joint third, Aideen Gordon in '89 when she finished runners-up and again in '90 where she finished third, Kate Kelly in '93 where she finished runners-up.

Into the '90’s and still more success was to follow right through from U-12 in '92, Rachard League '92 and '93, Community Games '90, '91, '92, '93 and '95, U-14 Championship '90 and '95 and 2004, U-14 League '94, Slaney Festival '90, '94 and '95, U-16 League '90 and '91, U-16 Championship '90, U-18 Championship '94,'96 and '97.  

The first five years of the new millennium has not seen the silverware of the previous decade at underage however the club continues to strive for success and in the last number of years the underage have found their winning ways again.

At senior level St.Ibars/Shelmaliers contested seven senior county camogie finals (’97 –’04) while they were beaten by the narrowest of margins in the semi-final last year.  Of the seven contested, St.Ibars/Shelmaliers won four – the first in 1997, after a lapse of 30 years since the last of the four in a row, 1998 and then again in 2000 and 2001.  The club obtained higher honours in the new millennium winning two Leinster championships in 2000 and 2001, losing in the All-Ireland semi-final to Cashel, Tipperary in 2000 and reaching the All-Ireland Final in 2001.  2001 being a special year for St.Ibars/Shelmaliers reaching their first ever All-Ireland club final however disappointment was to follow they were beaten by an experienced Pearses of Galway.

St Ibar's have been represented on all county teams down through the years, on u-14, u-16, and u-18 county teams winning numerous Leinster Titles while capturing one minor All-Ireland in 1995.  The club also had countless players on both the senior and junior county teams, reaching the All-Ireland final in ’92, ’94, and reaching the All-Ireland Senior & Junior semi-finals last year.   St.Ibars/Shelmalier have not only promoted the game at a local level but club members have and this hold positions at county board level attributing their skills through coaching, management and administration.  

Finally the Camogie millennium produced higher accolades for the club. A former member Margaret Leacy (nee O’Leary) selected at wing back on the Camogie Millennium Team in February and Kate Kelly was selected at midfield on the first camogie All-Star team in December.

St.Ibars/Shelmalier underage structure caters for girls from the age of six upwards.  St.Ibars/Shelmaliers coach teams to contend in competitions at under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, Junior and Senior club level.  The club also coaches the girls for community games, Rachard League, INTO mini-sevens and other blitzes that are run by the camogie association.
Roll of Honour

Senior Championships         ’64, ’65, ’66, ’67, ’97, ’98, ’01, ‘02
Leinster Championships         ’01, ’02.
Junior Championships         ’64, ’65, ’78, ‘86
Intermediate Championships        ‘79
Special Championships        ’81, ’83.
Sinnott League (Senior)        ’64, ’66, ’99, ’00, ’01, ‘02
Corry Cup                ’64, ‘66
Junior League            ’81, ‘86
U-18 Championships         ’94, ’96, ’97, ’98, ‘99
U-16 Championships            ’85, ’86, ‘90
U-16 League             ’85, ’86, ’90, ’91, 95, ’96, ’04.
U-14 Championships            ’81, ’83, ’85, ’90, ’93, ’95. ’04, ‘05.
U-14 League             ’80, ’81, ’83, ’84, ’94.
Slaney Festival             ’80, ’81, ’84, ’85, ’90, ’94, ’95, 05
Community Games            ’82, ’84, ’85, ’86, ’87, ’88, ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’95,’05.
Leinster Community Games         ’89, ’92, ‘93
Mosney Finals            ’89 – Silver Medal
                    ’92 – Silver Medal
                    ’93 – Bronze Medal
U-12 Championship            ’87, ‘92
Rackard League             ’92, ‘93
Primary Schools            ‘82
Primary Schools Blitz        ‘93
INTO Mini Sevens            ’92, ‘93

Best Dressed Team at Slaney Festival         ’81, ‘87
Best Dressed Team at Feile nGeal Finals        ’81, ’84,
Best Banner at Feile nGeal Finals            ‘94
Feile nGael Final Runner-up                ’94, ‘95
Kilamud 7-a-side runner-up                 ’96, ’04, ‘05
Butlerstown Senior 7-a-side                ‘04

St.Ibar’s/Shelmalier Camogie Club received TSB Sports star of the Month for November 2001.

St Ibar’s/Shelmalier Camogie Club have always been well represented on the enior Wexford camogie team, and 2007 sees 5 players on the panel. They are Kate Kelly, Mags Kely, Brigid Curran. Michelle Hearne and Emma Carroll.

2005 & 2006 Camogie All Star, Kate Kelly.
2006 Wexford Supporters Club player of the year