U14 camogie

now advance to County League final on Saturday, September 6th at 2.30 pm in Hollymount

Ibar’s got off to a fine start winning the first free taken by Mikaela Lanigan, it landed in the square, went wide off a Rathnure back, giving us a ’30 taken by M Lanigan, Mikaela was unfortunate.  But Ibar’s forward kept up their good work, and Aoife Fielding batted in a fantastic goal the first score of the game in the 9th minute, giving Ibar’s the lead.  Rathnure followed when they  pointed a free in the 12th minute.  After a fantastic solo run from Ailis Neville in the 23rd minute, her strike was taken down by Rathnure defence, giving us a ’30.  From the sideline it looked like Lauren netted the ball from the ’30, and Mikaela Lanigan was on goal mouth to  to assist aswell.  Our mid-fielders Molly and Sarah covered a lot of ground  and kept the ball moving, but Rathnure got possession putting a lot of pressure on our defence, with Caitlin Carroll making a fantastic clearance in the 25thminute with help on hand as always from Alison Doyle and Becky Halligan with their determination to clear the ball out.  Lauren was on target scoring a point from a ’30.  Ciara Banville in goal made a fantastic save and cleared the ball out, but Rathnure got a free, and scored a goal in the 29th minute, halftime ended after 37 mins of play (which left parents & mentors wondering, is it 25 or 30 mins a-side)  Ibar’s  led 2-1 to 1-1. 

In the first minute of the second half Sarah Harding-Kenny was fouled on two occasions, with Caitlin taking the first free and Lauren Murphy taking the second one scoring another fantastic goal. Lauren pointed another free in the 38th minute.  Rathnure were awarded a free in the 40th minute but it was well cleared out by Ibar’s defenders Caitriona, Chloe and Sarah Whelan.  In the 45th minute immense pressure on Ibar’s defenders, and Ciara Banville once again made a fantastic clearance, but Rathnure didn’t give up and in the 52nd minute they scored a goal from a ’30 leaving Ibar’s leading by 4 points.  Hannah Hearne went on for Andrea Fielding (55) and Ibar’s forwards Ailis Mikaela Aine put the pressure on but were unfortunate.  In the 29th minute Rathnure succeeded to score a goal, leaving only a 1 point lead with 1 minute to go.  Ibar’s girls and mentors were delighted to hear the final whistle and realise their victory over Rathnure.  It is a credit to the girls and their mentors how much they have improved over the season as a team, and also a lot of these girls played the Ladies football shield final on Saturday, congrats to them on their draw, and we wish them best wishes in the replay. 

Team as follows;  Ciara Banville, Alison Doyle, Caitlin Carroll, Becky Halligan, Caitriona Kinsella, Chloe Mythen, Sarah Whelan, Sarah Harding-Kenny(joint capt), Molly Byrne, Ailis Neville, Mikaela Lanigan (joint capt), Aine Fitzgerald, Andrea Fielding, Lauren Murphy (2-2, 2-1 frees 0-1 ’30) and Aoife Fielding (1-0).  Subs:  Aoibhe Murphy, Aoife Doyle (sick), Hannah Hearne for Andrea Fielding, Catie Byrne Abbie Devereux (inj) and Nicole Harding-Kenny.  Team Manager Mick Lanigan, mentors Mag Murphy and Emma Carroll.