Well done to U12 camogie

Despite the wet windy and foggy weather our Under 12 girls played very well at the Oulart Blitz yesterday

Due to hockey blitz, dancing rehersals, injuries and sickness, we had 14 girls in attendance.  We met Buffer’s Alley in the first game, the line out was as follows:  Abi Gillen, Sinéad Banville, Becky Halligan, Nicole Harding-Kenny, Amy O’Connor, Ciara Banville, Hannah Hearne, Catie Byrne, Caoimhe Parker, Mai ling Tynan and Aoife Hearne.  Subs:  Lily Stoutt and Erin Kehoe, also Andrea Fielding inj.  As the scores were not so important in the blitz games, Ibars were dominant.  In our second game we met Blackwater, line out as follows:  Mai ling Tynan, Erin Kehoe got an injury with Aoife Hearne taking her place, Nicole Harding-Kenny, Lily Stoutt, Becky Halligan, Hannah Hearne, Amy O’Connor, Ciara Banville, Sinéad Banville and Caoimhe Parker.  We played 10-a-side, and Catie Byrne played with Blackwater, as they were missing players.  We met Oulart/The Ballagh in the third and final game, with the rain getting heavier, the girls played very well for the 12 each half.  Line out as follows;  Hannah Hearne, Catie Byrne, Becky Halligan, Mai ling Tynan, Nicole Harding-Kenny, Amy O’Connor, Ciara Banville, Lily Stoutt, Aoife Hearne, Caoimhe Parker and Abigail Gillen.  Subs:  Sinéad Banville for A Hearne, and Erin Kehoe for Abigail Gillen. 

Thanks to mentors:  John Banville, Andrew O’Connor and Trish Fielding.  Team manager Tom Tynan and mentor Angie Hearne, are working behind the scenes, but unfortunately could not make it on the Blitz, due to other commitments.

Refreshments were enjoyed afterwards, compliments of Oular/The Ballagh.  Well done girls! 

Training continues every Monday evening 7 to 8 pm, if the weather is dry we will go outside, so bring your football boots. 

Our next blitz is on Saturday, April 19th in Buffers Alley pitch, so all are looking forward to it.