Scor na nOg

Calling all our under 17 budding actors/actresses, if you are interested in taking part in the Novelty act section, you are invited to a meeting in Hollymount Fri 25 Oct @ 7

The Scor will take place in Oulart on Saturday 23 November, at 7 pm.  There is a great interest at the moment, and from this meeting on Friday night, rehersals will begin!

Also our musicians will meet on Saturday 26 Oct @ 4 pm at Catherine Roche’s house (087) 0533952 for directions. All Under 17 teenagers & children are welcome to attend if interested. 

Our Irish Dancers will meet next week under the guidance of Irish Dance Teacher Margo Murphy. 

Anyone wishing to take part in the solo singing, ballad groups or recitations please contact your team mentor or Denise Feeney (086) 7302249 as soon as. 

We look forward to hearing from you all!