Mouthguard Information

Since Jan 1st 2013, it has been mandatory for players in Grades up to & including Minor to use a mouthguard in all Football Games & Practice Football Sessions. From January 1st 2014, it will be mandatory for all players to use a mouthguard.

The attached document has been compiled to assist GAA Clubs, players, parents, coaches and referees in complying with the provisions of the rule.


I’d be grateful if you would circulate this information to your Clubs / County team management personnel and place an emphasis on the following key points:

•           Gaelic footballers in all age grades must wear a mouthguard from January 1st 2014

•           A properly fitted mouthguard is the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries

•           Players can be sent-off in a game for not wearing a mouthguard

•           Players will not be covered under the GAA player injury scheme if they don’t comply with the mouthguard rule