Cul Camp day 4

Cul camp day 4……….I wish this was on next week again some of kids were heard saying.

What a week it’s been so far, the weather the fun and most of all the friendships. The coaches have been kept busy. There were loads of games today with Barry Cloake and Paul Hearne not being able to be separated in jump the river with some mighty leaps. One of the coaches is Gary Moore who scored a point with wexford under21s from a side-line so we had our own side-line competition supervised by Gary and Mick Lannigan and the winner of the highest cut was Jamie Doyle, Mullinagower, and the winner of the longest cut was Colm Kelly of Screen, they received their prizes from Mick and Gary. In the younger age group Bonnie Murphy was showing the way with some superb footballing skills. Robbie Delaney was the winner of the older boys and girls in the art of free taking. Well done to everybody and tomorrow promises to be a special day again with loads of prizes on offer. Up the Shels/St. Ibars