Earth Hour

Some of you may not be aware but Earth Hour takes place this weekend on
Saturday 31st March 2012 at 20:30 hrs.

Earth Hour is an initiative which basically involves turning off all unnecessary lighting for an hour to
highlight greener thinking. It’s an event that started off very small but isnow a global fixture, getting bigger every year – we can play our part!

While the stadium has controls to turn off unnecessary lighting, I would
like to ask staff to participate in Earth Hour by switching off lights in
your home at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday 31st March. To track our achievements I
would like to ask staff members who participate in Earth Hour to email next week after the event, letting us know how
many lights you switched off in your homes for that hour. We will then be
able to see how much we, as a group of people, have contributed to this
initiative – we are helping the environment tthrough one simple gesture for
one hour on one day.

If anyone would like further information please visit the Earth Hour website

Thanking you in advance.


Alan Gallagher

Head of Stadium Operations

Croke Park

t +353 (0)1 819 2357

m + 353 (0)86 232 5356