Seamus Harding -charity cycle

shSeamus Harding talks about his epic cycle. This was such a worthwhile event and its not too late to help out with a donation no matter the amount.

I’m back !!!!!!!!!!, what an experience, I was battered left, right and centre by Hurricane Katia !!!!!!!
It was crazy up in Malin Head with 90mph winds and they left us with no choice but get up there !!!!!!!!, now it’s calmed down I really enjoyed it  :-), I made it to Mizen head with 4 & 1/2 hrs left on clock but my crew need to return home so I was thinking of finishing it alone but decide to go home and work on my fund raising for what is the most important thing at the moment. I met the family at the start line and was hugely moved with emotion for this young girls struggle, but how wonderful its all going to be for her when she get this operation.  There is a long road still ahead for her, so to put it into words struggling against a storm was easier for me that the road this young girl has ahead off her but its going to be hugely worth it !!!!!!
I covered 1507km in 5 days so I was happy with it and now when I listen to forecast and they talk about from Malin Head to Mizen Head I can laugh to myself and say I know exactly where there talking about 🙂
The Guy that crossed the finish line is ranked no 1 in the world and the guy that came in second across the line was ranked 6th in the world but moved up to 2nd on completion !!!!!!!!

These guys are amazing but this is their passion and they make me look like a baby as they are as young as 50-55 !!!!!!!! Inspirational guys

Guess I like my sleep to much and 3/4hrs was to much sleep…hahhahahahahaha

For Donations for Casey to have her much needed operation, please contact Seamus Harding, Kilmacoe, Curracloe or any of his crew or Angela Griffith, Seaview, Castlebridge, any amount is most welcome. Well done to Seamie and his crew including Patsy Roche, Decky Flynn, Brian, Tommy Harding & Murt Hanrahan, who worked hard on this cycle around Ireland to raise these much needed funds.