Seamus Harding takes on new challenge

shShels club man Seamus Harding outlined his latest challenge. A coastal cycle of Ireland starting and ending in Navan. This is in aid of a great cause, read on and if you can help, brilliant.

Some say why, I say why not!

It’s been a goal of mine to try something a little different, I have always thought of doing a cycle of some distance and having thought many times about going for it, something else would come up and I would put it on hold again and again, so now is the time and my challenge is as follows

Too Race Around Ireland, yes! I believe we have a beautiful country and what better way to take it in than on a bike, my challenge will be to travel around the coast line or close to it, starting in Navan and finishing in Navan, I have found an organised event that does this exact race, if your keen to read more please click on the web address below

In many ways I’m both excited and nervous about this challenge, my ambition is not to break any records but to do my best to complete it!, I will not be going into this race without preparation for sure so I’m out there getting the miles into my legs already and hoping that what ever obstacles I meet along the way I can handle with this preparation, there will be many I’m sure.

Having wanted to do such a challenge for some time and wondering what could inspire me I happened to pick up a mid week paper and there I read a small article inside that filled my heart with passion and admiration for a 5yr old young girl from Mullagh, Co. Cavan whose dream in life was to be a dancer but needs the help of an operation to help her see this dream come true, you see Casey who has Cerebral Palsy and needs to raise 30,000 Euros for a life changing operation called Selective Dorsal Rhiziotomy that will increase her balance by up to 50 %. All the things we take for granted every day she may finally be able to do too, so the least I could do to help this girl achieve her dreams, to walk and dance like you and I was cycle ,
If anybody would like to read more on this please see the following link Caseys Dream Appeal.

If anybody cares too join me on a training day please do join, I’ll defo be out every weekend from here till September, except championship weekends of course! I couldn’t possibly do both! The company helps to erode the miles, look forward to seeing you.
Seamus Harding