Shels lose to Oylgate.

jkOur senior team lost out to Oylgate/Glenbrien this afternoon in Oylgate on a scoreline 4-9 to 0-14.

The score not giving a true relfection of the closeness of the game. Indeed with 5 mins to go there was only two points between the sides. However a late surge from Oylgate seen them yield 1-2 in the closing minutes of the game. Oylgate assisted by the wind, started the stronger and had amassed 3 points before Noel Mythen got the shels on the board. In a tense game, Oylgate had a man dismissed at this point. Joe Kelly pointed after a fine pass from the hard working Brian Malone and Joe levelled the sides moments later converting a free. Oylgate then got a goal before Shels working hard went into the lead with 4 points in a row, Conor Walsh( F) , Joe Kelly (2) and Ciaran O’Shaughnessy. Oylgate tagged a late point to see the sides go into the break level at 0-7 to 1-4.

The wind had died down somewhat by this stage but Shels started the second half brightest with 2 Joe Kelly points (1F). Oylgate responded with their second major of the day before the on form Joe Kelly added 3 more points (2F). Oylgate amassed 1-3 over the next five minutes with Shels working hard to stay in touch but the late surge dashed any hopes of a victory on this occasion.

Team: Brian Murphy,Brian Malone, Aidan Murphy, Andre O’Brien, Aidan Cash, Conor Walsh (0-1F), Eoin Doyle, Alan Griffith, James Gordon, Ciaran O’Shaughnessy (0-1), Benny Barron, Chris McGrath, Noel Mythen (0-1), Joe Kelly (0-11, 5F). Subs introduced: Brian Tobin, Shane Griffith, Willie O’Shaughnessy.