3rd team go down to St. Joseph’s

The Shels third team played their opening round of the Championship against St Josephs 1st team on Friday night 30th April.

St Josephs were beaten in the final last year and had already easily accounted for the Shels in the league, so a tough game was expected. St Joseph raced into the lead scoring 3 good points from play in the first 10 minutes. However, Shels dug deep and were awarded a free after good work by Cian Lambe. Darren Shiggins pointed and again the Shels attacked. Paddy Kelly set up Cian Lambe who was fouled in the square. Again Darren Shiggins stood up and converted the penalty. The sides were now level and the Shels attacked St Josephs with great determination. Paddy Doyle, Shane Griffith and Liam Donnelly attacked in waves from the half back line and John Nolan and Darren Shiggins held the centre well. Up front, Cian Lambe, Adrian Veale and Conor Ryan worked very hard. St Josephs went a point ahead and again Darren Shiggins pointed from a free. Up to this, it was a great contest between the two teams – but then the Shels started to tire. With the Shels attacking so much, there was too much space in the half back line and eventually St Josephs got in for 3 goals in the final ten minutes before half time.

In the second half St Josephs gradually pulled away with more goals and the mountain became too high to climb for the Shels. However, full credit to our third team for putting up such a great display. They never gave up until the final whistle and mounted some great attacks in the final 10 minutes.

The Team

  1. Ciaran Murphy
  2. Conor O’Shaughnessy
  3. Donal Power
  4. Graham Malone
  5. Shane Griffith
  6. Paddy Doyle
  7. Liam Donnelly
  8. Darren Shiggins
  9. John Nolan
  10. Conor Ryan
  11. Glen Murphy
  12. Kevin O’Leary
  13. Adrian Veale
  14. Paddy Kelly
  15. Cian Lambe


James Shiggins for Kevin O’Leary

Brian Kirwan for Glen Murphy

Kevin O’Leary for Paddy Kelly