Junior Football 2nd round

This game was played in Bunclody on Sunday 14th March. With many players unavailable, the Shels played a mixture of their second and third team.

As Colm Parker was sick, Graham Lawler played in goal. He pulled off a great save early on but a missed pass around mid-field, shortly after this, allowed Bunclody in for their first goal. Mark Tobin replied for the Shels but Bunclody were dominant around mid-field and constantly fed David Reck in their half forward line who was a constant threat for Bunclody.

In the second half, Shels tried hard. But many missed scoring chances allowed Bunclody to maintain their dominance. James Murphy, Jimmer Doyle and Brian Tobin and Sean Walsh played well in defence while Mark Tobin and Chris Gordon played well in attack.

  1. Graham Lawler
  2. Jimmer Doyle
  3. Brian O’Shaughnessy
  4. James Murphy
  5. Shane O’Connor
  6. Brian Tobin
  7. Sean Walsh
  8. Conor Walsh
  9. Jamie Horan
  10. Shane Griffith
  11. Willie O’Shaughnessy
  12. Kevin O’Leary
  13. Mark Tobin
  14. John Veale
  15. Chris Gordon


Tom Tynan for Shane Griffith (inj)