Shelmalier Development Lotto Begins

loAfter many weeks of preparation the all new ‘Shelmalier Development Lotto’ gets on the way this week with the exciting new weekly, prepay and multi-play tickets now on sale in the parish.

There has been a great response in the parish to this new concept of prepay and multi-play tickets as people can purchase tickets in advance ensuring their participation in future draws of the Shelmalier Development Lotto. The first draw taking place on Monday next 15th February in Hollymount at 7-30pm and all parishioners are cordially invited to attend the historic first draw. With lots of money to be won each week and the finance raised through this lotto will go directly towards funding the existing and future development at Hollymount to the benefit and use of all the people of the parish.  Therefore we would like to encourage you to support the all new Shelmalier Development Lotto this week and all future weeks.