Conor 4th in Leinster at Poc Fada

cbWell done to Conor Byrne who represented the county at the Leinster Poc Fada competition held on the Curragh plain on Thurs last 25 Jun.

Up against the cream of each of the Leinster counties and a different format from the county competition, whereby competitors had to complete a course distance in the least number of shots, Conor and his trusty caddy/marker/sidekick Brian ‘Turf’ Murphy did the club and county proud by attaining a respectable 4th overall position in their first ever event. The eventual winner (for the fourth year in a row) completed the course in 20 pocs while Conor completed the course one shot behind on 21. Conor would like to thank the club for putting his name forward for the competition and particularly hurley maker Albert Randall who
provided him with a hurl crafted from Irish ash specially for the competition and is eagerly looking forward to next years event.