Hair raiser in Curracloe

hairLarge attendance to witness unique event.

There was a hair raising event in Hotel Curracloe on Saturday night last which will live long in the minds of the large crowd which were there to witness the live proceedings. In a fundraiser organised by Shelmalier/St Ibars Camogie club in aid of the victorious Wexford County Camogie squad's holiday fund seven brave local volunteers risked life and limb in support of this worthy cause. Ibar "the hurler" Murphy, Paudie Mc Mahon, Joe Cullen, Seamie Harding, John "hitler" Hearne, Jim "thatcher" Murphy and Blackwater man John Murphy were the Guinea Pigs in the sponsored "Waxing" which raised a huge amount of money for the holiday fund. In fact the the final figure was way above the expectations of the organising committee. Aided and abeted by "Beautician" Mag Kelly and Master of Ceremonies Aidan O Leary the "Craic was Ninety". First of all the collection buckets for each man was sent around, with the volunteer with the most money being the one to receive the most comprehensive "Waxing" from Mag and the rules stated that no part of the body was off limits.When all the votes/money was counted the candidates were asked to lie down on Mags bed for the treatment to begin. First up was Johnny the Blackwater/Screen man and he lost most of the hair on one leg. Despite a few squeals he survived well. Next up was Paudie Mac and the crowd decided that his eye brows needed attention. Despite his cries for mercy none was shown and he "got the shots" and he looks a lot better now. Next up was Seamie and despite the fact that he already had got his forehead done before, his chest is now like his back and head, BALD! Joe Cullen then arrived for some therapy. Two volunteers from the crowd paid 20 each to tidy Joe's arm pits!. Despite the terrible smell the deed was done and Anto (Joe's wife to be) was very impressed. "The Hurler" was next up and boy did he get hardship. His Wife Bernie paid a huge amount of money to bring a tear to her husband's eye. His chest now matches his head perfectly.Only the two Golden Oldies were left. The voting was close but Hitler was a close second to the Thatcher. Paddy Harding was the man who sorted Hitler's hairy upper thigh out and some wax may even have dripped up under his Shels knicks but nobody was brave enough to check. Only the pole topper remained and the roof shook with the noise as he stepped up on stage. The M.C. was pushing the bidding along and eventually 200 was bid to step up and sort the "Thatcher" out. The yelps could be heard at "the butt of the Conigar" as the belly of the big man was ripped bare and the crowd roared with excitement. The Waxing was complete and the music went on until the early hours. The whole night was a roaring success and thanks to Hotel Curracloe and all the other participants the girls can look forward to a well deserved break in Florida in March. Enjoy it girls you deserve it and don't forget, back to back titles would really be something special!!