Shelmaliers first in Ireland.

heartsafeClubs recognised for their great work.

Shelmaliers first club in Ireland to recieve the:heartsafe

Heartsafe G.A.A  Club award.

The Heartsafe Community Programme is an Irish Heart Foundation initiative which aims to encourage all communities to strengthen every link in the ‘Chain of Survival’ in their community. The ‘Chain of Survival’ concept comprises four vital links that can save a life: Early Access, Early Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Early Defibrillation and Early Advanced Care.The Irish Heart Foundation awards 'Heartbeats' in recognition of each step a community takes to strengthen their Chain of Survival. Heartbeats can be earned for such things as CPR training, having an AED Programme or written plans for CPR/AED/Emergencies in your community. Congratulations to the four clubs in Hollymount who through their combined efforts have ensured that our club is the first in Ireland to be awarded the Heartsafe GAA club certification from the Irish Heart Foundation. This is to recognize the tremendous work that the clubs have made in providing a defibirator in Hollymount and having a team of trained personnel in the use of the defibirator and in CPR and AED. Mr. Michael O Shea CEO of the Irish Heart Foundation will officially present this award to the clubs at a special award night in the new complex in Hollymount on Wednesday 14th November.The number of Heartbeats required to become a Heartsafe GAA club depends on the type of club applying to the programme. The programme recognises different types of communities and each has different heartbeat criteria and requisites to become HeartsafeTM. The Heartsafe GAA club Award is valid for two years. GAA clubs which are awarded the HeartsafeTM award will be expected to be involved in ongoing ‘Heartsafe’ activities to maintain the HeartsafeTM Award. The Heartsafe Community Programme will be invaluable in maintaining the momentum and enthusiasm needed for this. If any other club has started to complete some of the HeartsafeTM activities and would like to apply to be recognised as a HeartsafeTM GAA club please contact Irish Heart Foundation and thet will send you a HeartsafeTM Community Pack. Each pack includes advice on CPR training, establishing an AED Programme, how to keep your heart healthy and how to apply to become a recognised HeartsafeTM Community. To receive a HeartsafeTM Community Pack please contact either Sarah or Caoimhe 01-668 5001 and please make sure you specify which type of pack you require, i.e. Community (towns & village), Workplace, School or Healthcare Facility.