Leinster Development Chairman pays a visit to Hollymount.

john healyLeinster Chairman very impressed with Hollymount complex development.

The Chairman of the Leinster GAA ground development committee John Healy visited the new complex in Hollymount on Saturday last to view at first hand the enormous progress made since his last visit six months ago. He said he was greatly impressed with the rate of progress the club had made on the development in such a short period and he had high praise for the style and standard of the building. He said that other clubs in Leinster could follow the Shelmaliers in producing a high class facility in this time scale. He recognized that the club still had a lot of fundraising to do in order to complete the overall development of Hollymount by the year 2010, but if the last year was anything to go by the club should safely reach its targets. In order to assist the club in fulfilling its objectives he said that Leinster Council of the GAA would be announcing a substantial financial contribution to the development in the next few weeks. The members of the clubs involved were present to thank John and his committee for their support and they highlighted the importance of such financial contributions to completing the complex.