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Shelmalier Junior B team against St Marys Maudlintown.

Date:           July ‘07                 Venue:  Hollymount                                Opponents: St. Marys Maudlintown
Competition:          Junior B Championship                                                         Full time score: (Shels)    1-6           (Opp.)  2-7

This was a knock out match with the winners getting promoted to the district semi-final. Both teams started well with John Nolan controlling matters early on at mid-field and John Mc Grath and John Hearne creating some good scoring chances in the forwards. Captain Michael Kingston led well from the backs and Ciaran Murphy was sound in goal.
In the second half, fitness was proving to be a problem for the Shelmaliers third team with St. Marys gradually becoming more dominant. However Ryan Devereux showed good pace when he scored 1-1 in the second half and John Hearne and substitute Martin Nolan scored a point each. But St.Marys finished the better team with 1-1 near the end of the game to seal victory.
Team Line out.

1. Ciaran Murphy
2. Cian O’leary
3. Colm Hearne
4. Austin Hearne
5. Keith Devereux
6. Michael Kingston
7. Tom Tynan
8. John Nolan
9. Conor Byrne
10. Donal Parker
11. Willie O’Shaughnessy
12. Allan Walsh
13. Ryan Devereux
14. John Hearne
15. John Mc Grath

Donal Power for Keith devereux, Martin Nolan for John McGrath and Padraig McGuillycuddy for John Hearne

Scorers for shels
Ryan Devereux 1-1
John McGrath 0-1
John Hearne 0-1
Martin Nolan 0-1
Conor Byrne 0-1
Allan Walsh 0-1