Seamie helps children in Kenya.

Image Shelmalier clubman off to Nairobi in September.

Clubman Seamie Harding  




OPERATION RESTORE HOPE – 27th Sept – 6th Oct 2007.

Shelmalier hurler and footballer Seamie Harding is off to Nairobi in Kenya on the 27th September next to take part in Operation Restore Hope. This is where Humanitarian Volunteers give up 12 days of their time to Street Children in Nairobi, Kenya.
The project involves bringing a group of children from a Children’s Rescue Centre /Orphanage in
Nairobi, to Mombasa for a holiday for 1 week.
Many of these children have been brutalised and abused in their short lives. They have never seen the Ocean. They will spend a week at the coast in a healthy, happy and friendly environment. It is a fun holiday for the children – but the fun is a delightful means to an end. Seamie has agreed to take part in this very worthwhile project and he must be complemented on his generous efforts.

Seamie and the other volunteers will enthuse the children with their own special skills.
They will entice them to take on challenges that will assist them in the future. As a consequence, the children will grow in self esteem and confidence. This short escape will be of enormous benefit to the physical and emotional development of the children. It will give hope and transform young lives.
It is Serious Fun !
Everything is provided for the children free of charge, with Seamie and the other volenteers each having to raise a mininium of 2,500 Euro to finance the entire operation. In order to raise funds for this charity Seamie is presentlu doing small electrical jobs at the weekends. So if you want that small electrical job done around the house or you wish to make a contribution to the charity you can contact Seamie directly on 087-1372023 of 053-9137001. Well done Seamie on your efferts to improve the quality of life for other people, but don't forget to bring some hurlers to Kenya.

Itinerary – Operation Restore Hope

27th Sept. – Depart
Ireland 28th Sept. – Arrive Nairobi , Kenya . 29th Sept. – Depart Nairobi for Mombasa – Overnight Train. 30th Sept. – Arrive Mombasa . 3rd Oct.  – Depart Mombasa for Nairobi – Overnight Train. 4th Oct. – Arrive Nairobi . 5th Oct.  – Depart Nairobi , Kenya . 6th Oct.  – Arrive Ireland .