Migsey predicts the winners.

Migseys Expert Tips for Enniscorthy on Monday night.

  In order to assist all the people of the parish who are travelling to Enniscorthy on Monday night next 6th August for the Shelmaliers “Night at the Dogs”, the club have employed our expert greyhound tipster Mr. James Mythen (at great expense ?????????) to look at the card and suggest CERTAIN ?????? winners and possible placing in each race on the night. James, having spent many hours going through the form books, going back many years and contacting and consulting his many fellow dog EXPERTS in the parish, has come up with the following trap numbers. As in any sport there are no certainties, so if you happen to lose your shirt on the night by following our expert advice, please do not contact us for help. But if you happen to make a fortune by picking our suggested winners, please contact us immediately as all assistance for our new development would be gratefully received. So we wish you the best of luck on the night. 

Race Number Winner Trap No. Second Trap No. Third Trap No.
Race 1. 2 5 6
Race 2. 1 3 5
Race 3. 6 2  
Race 4. 6 3 1
Race 5. 5 2 6
Race 6. 4 5 6
Race 7. 3 6 5
Race 8. 3 1 6
Race 9. 2 3 4
Race 10. 4 1 2
Race 11. 3 1 6

    We are advised that you can place bets in the following format.1.       Pick winner only.2.       Pick first and second.3.       Pick first, second and third. See you all on the night for some fun and craic at the dogs.