Message from Hong Kong

The Shelmaliers website viewed from the other side of the world.

Recently received the word from home that the Shelmalier clubs have got together to put their latest news and information from the ‘Over the Water’ area on the World Wide Web. You can imagine my enjoyment in looking up the site on the web. Therefore, sitting in an office looking out a window at buildings the height of mountains, it's hard to imagine that one could feel so close to home.
The Shelmaliers web site now brings Hollymount to Hong Kong. Each
passing day I can keep up with the news and results and keep tabs on
what must rank as the top club in the county.

Congratulations to everyone involved on a great website. Through my
years I have wandered a fair bit around the world and it's now great to
know that were ever I am or go, I will be able to find out the results
of games and what's going on, probably before a lot of people in the
club even knows.
Keep up the great work.

JJ Neville
Morgan Stanley | Consolidated Equities
Hong Kong.