Kilanerin prove difficult to overcome.

This was bound to be a big game for Shels.



Date:  Sat June 16th                          Venue: Kilanerin                                Opponents: Kilanerin       Competition:     Premier A League                                  Full time score: (Shels)  0-6             (Opp.)  2-8
This was bound to be a big game for Shels. Kilanerin started quickly and were delivering very fast ball into John Hegarty who was involved in their first three points. They pulled their half forward line out and tried to open up the Shels defence. But the Shels had learned from playing senior teams in this league and managed to defend in packs for the first 15 minutes. Kilanerin were playing with the wind and were totally on top for the second quarter. The Shels were under tremendous pressure and they even argued among themselves. The half time score was 1-6 Kilanerin to 0-1 Shels (T.Gainfort – free).
In the second half the Shels were more organised. Good defending from Vinnie Parker, David Walsh and Colm Tynan along with good forward play from Stephen Banville, Graham Power, Terry Gainfort and Chris Gordon put the Shels in a better position scoring 0-5 (0-1 free) to 1-3 (0-1 free).
Shels scorers:
T.Gainfort 0-4 (0-2 frees)
Chris Gordon 0-2
Kilanerin 2-8 ( 1-0 penalty, 0-4 frees).

Shels Team
 Tommy Moore
Cathal Gaule Colm Tynan Vinnie Parker
Seamus Harding David Walsh Mark Walsh
 Graham Power Stephen Banville
Chris Gordon Aidan Murphy Colin Redmond
Derek Walsh Terry Gainfort Cormac Smith

Brian O’Shaughnessy (28 mins) for Mark Walsh (inj)
Barry O’Connor, Paudie Quill and Conor O’Shaughnessy