Management comments after 2nd match of championship

The senior management comment on the draw with Rathnure.

Looking back on the game, a draw was one that the girls fought hard for. After a slow start, the girls showed great heart, determination and team spirit to graft out a draw. This shows the character that the team has and how much this championship means to them. The girls were determined that they weren’t going to leave all the points behind. However, it also shows that there is a lot of work to be done. The game against St Martins was a different one and Ferns is next up. The work will have to be done in the field to get back on track for that match. There’s two weeks to prepare for this match and the girls will have to show the commitment to step up to the challenge. A victory will be essential. The championship has a long way to go St Ibars are looking forward to being part of that.